A torn, yellowish piece of paper, on it a minimalist ink drawing of a person sitting in a chair. His hands are crossed on a table in front of him, and his head leaning on those, in an apparent frustration.

My name is Shay Elkin, and the pronouns I use are he/him.

I am a software engineer at Confluent, where I work on Kora, our cloud-native fork of Apache Kafka.

You can also find me online on Bluesky, Instagram and LinkedIn, and message me on Signal.

Some years ago, working for a different employer, I was part of a team tasked with rewriting a math app to utilize a new framework.

That framework was codenamed Glass, and we followed that theme and gave the app itself the codename Crystal, or Crystal Math in full.

Being far from completion, Crystal couldn't be executed by itself yet, so we wrote a tool to run the parts of the app that were ready, and called that tool Lines.

And so the whole team went crackin' hard doing Lines of Crystal Math.

Or at least we did that until management found out, and demanded we'd find some less exciting codenames.


הבהרה בקשר לח״כ זאב אלקין.

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